Friday, November 2, 2012

What Are the Benefits to Medical Power of Attorney?

A medical power of attorney form can be written for anyone at any point in ones life. A person does not have to be somewhat sick or dying in order to complete a form but under most circumstances, they are written when someone becomes ill. There are many benefits to having a medical power of attorney form if the form is written well.

A medical power of attorney form is a grant of authority that permits another individual to make certain medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so on your own. The most common of situations is when a patient becomes extremely ill and the question arises as to whether the person shall be kept alive or not. In most cases, the person who wishes to have their agent pull the plug may only do it if the principal specifically requested it before the signing of the form. In order for a medical power of attorney form to be carried out, it must abide to all the legal parameters and meet the standards of the law.

The most common mistake a person makes is not having the document signed by a notary. The document must have legitimate proof that it is legal and that it was actually wanted by the person whom is ill.Although a medical power of attorney form does not need an attorney for it to be valid, however when it comes to one's life, an attorney is highly advised. If the document lacks clarity, it could arise issues and even though the agent knows in his or her heart what the grantor wants, the law may deny the agent's wishes. The great thing about a medical power of attorney form is the fact that it takes the pressure off the family of making a decision.

No one wants to pull the plug on their own family member even if they know in their heart that it's the best option. If the grantor were to lack this document, it could create a lot of drama within the family especially if it is a big family because there will be many members who will have different opinions as to what to do. I believe everyone at the age of 21 should have a medical power of attorney form because up until then, a parent or legal guardian can make your medical choices and no one is guaranteed that something tragic wouldn't happen to them.

How do I get a Medical POA Form? You will have to get an authorized form that is legal in your State, get the person you would like to fill in your shoes if something should ever happen to you, and sign in front of a public notary. It's that easy!

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