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10 Years: By the People Helps with Basic, Complex Legal Issues

By December 28, 2014

by the people
Tammy and Rene Bojorquez have owned "By The People" for ten years. (Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic)

FAIRFIELD — For the past 10 years, By the People has been helping customers navigate the paperwork of uncontested legal matters.

Tammy and Rene Bojorquez, owners of By the People, began their company as a franchise of We the People.

“It was five years ago the company broke up and we went with our name because it was similar to what we had before,” Tammy Bojorquez said.

She describes the work they do as being similar to a paralegal’s job.

“We are a self-help service for a lot less than a lawyer would charge,” she said. “We can help you fill out the paperwork, and file with the courts.”

The company works with people on issues such as uncontested divorce or separation. For couples who can resolve their own asset and debt division or child issues, the company can prepare all of the necessary documents to get the divorce. They also do all of the filing and procedural work throughout the process.

“If a couple agrees on the division of property and assets, they may not even have to go to court,” Bojorquez said.

Other examples of the work they do is creating an incorporated company. They can create a company’s articles of incorporation and submit them to the Secretary of State. They can also help set up bylaws, minutes, seals and shares.

By the People can help with creating a living trust, which includes articles of trust, wills, financial powers of attorney, California advanced health care directives and health care privacy releases.

“We did a family trust for my father and it was expensive and very hard to understand,” Terry Thompson, a client of By the People, said. “When my husband died, I had By the People do a new living trust for me. It was easier to read and they were great.”

Thompson, 80, of Suisun City, said she was so pleased with their work and her treatment that she considers Rene and Tammy friends and likes to stop in when she is in town.

By the People also helps prepare paperwork for probate.

“We can help by preparing the documents needed, filing the paperwork with the court, setting court dates, arranging for publication, and many other steps needed to complete the process,” Bojorquez said.

She and her husband are so involved in serving others that the time has flown by.

“I just can’t believe we have been doing this for 10 years,” Bojorquez said. “It seems like just yesterday we started.”

Article Source: Daily Republic 

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