Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Reasons for Changing One's Name

  • Marriage or civil partnership (e.g. Tiffany Rodriguez marries Aanchal Chaudhari and assumes her surname, becoming Tiffany Chaudhari)
  • Adoption, or marriage of a custodial parent
  • Divorce or estrangement of parents
  • Immigration / adaptation of the name to a different language or script (e.g. Samantha Ogden became Shilpa Ojha on becoming an Indian national)
  • To evade the law or a debt or commit fraud
  • To avoid a stalker or harassment
  • Religious conversion and/or deconversion, ordination or return to lay status (e.g., Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali upon conversion to Islam)
  • To choose a surname associated with a hobby, interest, or accomplishment (e.g., old name Henry Schifberg, new name Henry Lizardlover)
  • To receive an inheritance conditional on adopting the name of the deceased (this reason was once quite common in landowning families in the UK)
  • To replace a name which might be considered undesirable with a more desirable one (e.g., old surname Lipschitz, new surname London)
  • To dissociate themselves from a famous or infamous person (e.g., old name Michael Jackson, new name Martin Jackson)
  • To identify with a famous or infamous person (e.g., old name Simon Johnson, new name Simon Pendragon)
  • To dissociate themselves from a family black sheep (e.g., relatives of Adolf Hitler).
  • To dissociate themselves from an ethnic origin (e.g., changing Battenberg to Mountbatten or Jan Ludvik Hoch to Robert Maxwell).
  • Commercial sponsorship, e.g., Jimmy White temporarily became Jimmy Brown for HP brown sauce.[1] Ashley Revell became Ashley Blue Square Revell for Rank Group's Blue Square service. Peter Janson briefly changed his name by deed poll to NGK Janson to circumvent a Motorsport Australia rule that only allowed a driver's, and not a sponsor's, name to be carried on a windscreen at the 1977 Bathurst 1000.
  • Protest or activism (e.g., old name Jennifer Taylor, new name Jennifer Save the Forests)
  • To change to a fictional character's name, (e.g., old name Tracy Darling, new name Tracy Beaker)
  • To make their name more attractive or "catchy" so as to increase their chance of success (see Stage name)
  • To change the legal name to the one used in everyday life (e.g., where middle name has been used throughout life)
  • To remove superstitious consequences of the old name (e.g. old name Mulyono, new name Joko Widodo)
  • To better fit one's gender identity, or as part of one's gender transition (e.g. Jake Zyrus)
  • Losing a bet - for instance, a New Zealand man changed his name to Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova, and apparently discovered it has been accepted when his passport expired.
  • In accordance with witness protection.

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