Sunday, September 9, 2012

3 Reasons Why You Should File An Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult situations that any individual can go through in their lifetime. The situation can actually become significantly more difficult in the event that there are children involved. However, it is a common misconception that all forms of divorce are difficult and only can be handled by engaging a fierce legal battle. Many times if the parties to divorce can agree on several major points they can actually file what is known as an Uncontested Divorce. This sort of legal remedy is not only mutually beneficial but it also is significantly less costly than a standard action that would be filed in the courts. Here are 3 major reasons why you should opt to file an Uncontested Divorce.

1. A significant decrease in costs associated with attorney fees and legal expenses due to the fact that most of the major issues that are typically disputed in the courts are already decided by the parties. It is without a doubt that attorney fees are quite high when it actually comes to cases dealing with a Divorce. As a result, it is always a very good idea to come to terms with the other side in order to taken advantage of an uncontested filing. This will not only speed up the process of the separation but it will also be significantly less expensive had it been a standard disputed case.

2. A very stress free and simple way of dividing the assets of the marital property between the parties. Typically there is a great deal of dispute regarding the splitting of the marital property. There is so much controversy and legal fighting that occurs as to who is really entitled to have a specific asset from the estate. However, when the parties decide as to who is to receive what asset then it makes sense to file an Uncontested Divorce because there will be no need for extra legal expense and headache associated with adjudicating the matter in court.

3. Easy method by which the custody of minor children is divided as well as determination of visitation rights. This is one of the most sensitive topics throughout the whole process because it involves minor children and they can be severely affected by the quarreling of the parents. However, when the matter is solved via an Uncontested Divorce then essentially there is less of a emotional burden on the children.

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