Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce versus a Contested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is the only way to go when getting a divorce. For one, you do not need an attorney, the divorce is done in private, and issues can be negotiated 1 on 1. You may need an attorney if you can not make an agreement of every issue you negotiate. Disagreements you should be ready for are, the grounds for divorce, payment of family debts, visitation rights, division of the assets of the marriage, child support, alimony, custody of the children, payment of health insurance for the dependent, contribution toward educational expenses, and income tax.

It is important that you negotiate all the issues of the divorce before you file for an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces are given an identification number and are considered by the court as an issue that will eventually need trial time in order to resolve problem issues in the divorce. This is because until you two get all the issues of the divorce case negotiated your uncontested divorce is considered a "Contested Divorce".

When all the issues are negotiated you can then stipulate to the court to have the matters heard as an Uncontested Divorce or "no fault divorce" matter. The court will then expedite the Hearing then they will hear proof of the agreement of the grounds of the divorce. The proper way to prove the grounds of the divorce is with an Uncontested Divorce form. Id highly recommend you to get your form from for your state's specific up-to-date Uncontested Divorce form. Be aware of sites where you must type in your personal information so they can "generate" your legal form. Not only are you giving someone else your extremely sensitive information that could be used for all kind of identity fraud, your liable to have your money and information taken from hackers who put up legitimate looking sites then disappear off the net without ever giving you your Uncontested Divorce form.

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