Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 4 Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

Have you already thought about what type of divorce case you'd like to go through? You may want to consider getting an uncontested divorce so you can significantly lessen your legal costs, shorten the process and settle things more peacefully with your spouse. Below are some of the many benefits you'll receive when you choose an uncontested divorce:
Smoother Divorce Process
Since this type of case can easily be resolved between the parties, the process won't be too complicated unlike that of a contested divorce. All you have to do is carefully discuss each issue with your spouse, come up with a fair agreement, complete the necessary documents, submit them to your local court and wait for the results. There is no need for filing counter-petitions, requesting appeals and doing other confusing legal procedures that make the divorce incredibly stressful to deal with.
Quicker Results
Another benefit you can get from this case type is the quick delivery of results. Because an uncontested case does not have to undergo trial, the results can be received only within a couple of months. Now, you don't have to wait for several years until your divorce becomes finalized because the entire process is lot faster and easier to accomplish.
Lesser Legal Expenses
Uncontested cases are also less costly than a contested one because you no longer have to pay for the usual court fees, additional filing costs and other miscellaneous expenses. This type of case is also quite simple to handle on your own, so you can choose not to hire a lawyer and save a substantial amount in your total divorce costs.
Better Settlement Agreement
Finally, the most important benefit you can gain from your uncontested divorce is a better settlement agreement. Remember that the division of properties, determination of child custody arrangements and other issues are all up to you and your spouse, and you can both come up with a decision that's fair and suitable for everyone. Sometimes when a divorce goes to court, the judge makes a decision that the parties don't fully agree with, but with an uncontested case you can make compromises and choose the options that are ideal for you and your soon-to-be ex spouse.
So if you want to experience all these incredible benefits in your divorce, be sure you prefer an uncontested case. However, you must also see to it that your spouse is willing to cooperate with you otherwise this arrangement will be useless and you'll both end up meeting in court.

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