Monday, December 31, 2012

Will Preparation - True Peace Of Mind

Will preparation? Ugly, emotionally taxing, mentally stressful, but necessary. I know this as fact:Preparing a Will is one of the cornerstones to securing your families future. We all have heard the old adage, even Forrest Gump knows this one, S&^t Happens. You can't stop it, I can't stop it or even slow it down, it's called life. It happens to us all, no one excluded. The only thing we can do is prepare for the day said "stuff" happens.

Think back in your life to the time someone left this world unexpectedly? Now, try to think a little bit deeper, and remember what their immediate family went through. Did they have the proper insurance? Did they have the finances needed to cover the costs of a funeral? Did they have a will? If not, how did the family react to that news. I have come to realize death brings out two sides in people. A will can and does protect you and your family from the darker side of human nature, among a great many other things.

Join the millions of people who have discovered this one great truth, It doesn't have to be an arduous task, rather a great relief. The positive repercussions far outweigh the negative aspect of will preparation. Peace of mind is the first one that I think of. To many times I have watched families, close families, being senselessly ripped apart over an unexpected death in the family. They are unprepared, uneducated, and/or not equipped to handle the shock of someone close to them leaving this world. With the mental stress involved compounded by enormous grief felt, and add in all the other emotions, it is no wonder people sometimes act the way they do. I do not, however, blame people per-say. We are not far removed from are base instincts, and one of those at our core is survival. The mentality that we must "take" what is ours at any cost. When confronted with such a mental and emotional blast, such as a death in the family, we tend to let instinct take over. It is for these reasons a Will is such a necessity. It will protect your assets yes, but in looking a little deeper, it may be the one thing that keeps a family A Family.

Choice! It is our given right as creatures of God. We always have choices. What we do with these choices tends to structure who we are and where we go. In a Will, it is your choices, your recommendations, your ideas being carried out even afer death. These choices you make so casually may and probably will effect many lives to come. A suggestion would be to take your time, think about your choices, write them down, and then think about them some more. Talk with your family about the possibilities of an early death and how you, as a family, can and will handle it. All of these things will better educate and prepare you for the curves we dont see in the road of life. Take from this what you will and leave the rest behind as faded memories, that is your choice. One thing I ask of you in kindness, Do not let a family members death be the death of the family. Educate then implement. Prepare then Produce. You will only be helping your family in a time when help is needed.

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