Friday, April 26, 2013

6 Steps to Follow While Recording a Quit Claim Deed

In case of transfer of a property from one person (grantor) to another (grantee), a quit claim deed is used. This legal document however does not guarantee that the property that is being transferred is correct in all respects. The transferred property may not be free and clear of any liens. In case of any liens or legal issues related to the property, the responsibility goes to the grantee.

This deed is mainly used in the event of a divorce or in case you want to add or remove the name of a spouse. Anyways, this legal dead has to be recorded with appropriate authority. Here are the 6 steps that you need to follow to record this legal document.

Obtain the form

Collect the proper form. You can easily obtain the form online or you can get it from your local legal document print shop. Check out the wordings and phrases in the form.

Get the legal description of the property

You have to provide legal description of the property in the form. Accurate measurements of the property are given in the description. If you have current property deed available with you, then you can use that for legal description. Otherwise, you have to contact the recorder's office for description.

Take measurements and description from a surveyor

In case, you require new description of your real estate, then you need to contact an authorized real estate surveyor. The surveyor will get new measurements of the real estate and will also provide the legal description of it. You can use that description in the quit claim deed form. You have to however pay fees to the surveyor. The fees charged by the surveyor depend on the type of the real estate that is being transferred.

Puts details accurately

You have to then provide the legal description of the real estate in the form accurately. You need to ensure that you put the names of the grantor and the grantee correctly. Both the grantor and the grantee have to sign in the form before an authorized notary.

Mention the reasons behind the transfer

You need to categorically mention the special reasons for transferring the property in the form. In case, there is a lien to the real estate, then that should also be mentioned in the form.
Get the deed recorded with proper authority

You need to visit recorder's office for recording the legal document. You have to pay fees for recording purposes. Amount of the fees depends upon the number of pages in the deed and the value of the house that gets transferred. You also need to fill up the Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (PCOR), to officially get your deed recorded.

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