Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 3 Biggest Mistakes With A Living Will (Prepare This Gift To Your Family Today)

  1. Not Choosing an advocate for your living will. This person need not be a medical professional, but should be a compassionate and caring person. The medical professionals will be there for your advocate to guide them in the decisions they may need to make on your behalf. When we do not choose your leave your family wondering who is to make these very important decisions. If you have made no choice of advocate, then know one will know your personal wishes. Choose today, help your family in their time of need.

  2. Not educating the advocate about your living will. If you do not share the content of your living will with the designated advocate, they will not be prepared to make these important decisions if the need arises. Nothing like being given this responsibility without any notice. "Oh, by the way we found this living will and you are the designee, now, make this life and death decision for your parent." Talk about a surprise; not only is the designee surprised, you may find out that the chosen advocate does not want this distinction. Have a conversation with the chosen advocate and get them a copy of the document, too. Time may be of the essence and a copy will suffice in case of emergency.

  3. Not getting the living will done. The most important document for you end of life care is the living will. Delaying preparation of the living will only makes the decision making very difficult if the need arises. Being prepared is the sign of a caring and considerate person; not preparing a living will can leave a family with an awful feeling about end of life decisions. Dying is tough enough without all the very hard decisions that may need to be make at a critical time in your life. Preparing a living will is a kindness to your family members; it allows them to feel comfortable with the tough decisions that may need to be made on your behalf.
Well, these three mistakes could bring a load of grief and guilt to your family members. Take a few minutes and fill out the living will. Sign the document with the date, and then make copies for the advocate, your doctor and your legacy paper file. You will feel a sigh of relief when this is done and your family will thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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